Success Stories

I appreciate when clients take the time let me know that I have met, or exceeded their expectations, while helping them accomplish the goals they set for themselves. Check out some of their testimonials below. 


When I needed to get indoctrinated into the world of Medical Device sales and Pharmaceutical sales, Steve, like the best cream, rose to the top. He went out of his way to call me from his home on a Friday evening, and delayed his dinner plans with his wife, and literally gave me all of his years of experience, wisdom, and input, and distilled it down to me over the course of a rather lengthy phone call.    Read full testimonial…

I have had two opportunities to speak with Steve, and both times been thoroughly impressed with his integrity, insight and perspective. He is extremely good at asking questions that helped me to prioritize my life and career objectives, as well as provide guidance as to how best accomplish my goals. Thanks to Steve, I was able to make career decisions that are aligned with my personal as well as professional goals that would have been difficult on my own. I would absolutely recommend Steve to anyone looking for career guidance from an outside, unbiased and highly ethical coach!

Steve was just what the doctor ordered. He quickly assessed our situation, and delivered a plan to get us back on track.

Steve provides you with expert advice and straightforward resources that are essential to one-upping the competition. His expertise enabled me to stand out from the pack and convey my marketable qualities in a way that made me a must have. If you’re considering taking your career to the next level, I’d strongly recommend that you hire the best!

I am pleased to recommend Steve Porcaro as a Sales Performance Coach and professional Medical Device Sales Consultant. He has an ability to see the big picture and help guide an individual or group through the complexities of these systems and how to be successful in furthering the sales process. Definitely someone you want to work with.

I enthusiastically recommend Steve Porcaro as a career coach for medical device / surgical sales or any role requiring selling skills, intelligence, enthusiasm and drive. As coach and former sales executive, Steve, has two key areas of distinction. First, he has full command of all functional aspects of the role as a career coach. Secondly, he understands the sales model, and more significantly, the customer relationship. Read full testimonial…

I have worked with Steve most of 2008 as a business consultant, and his suggestions that were implemented made a substantial difference in my business. I would recommend Steve to anyone who requires knowledgeable business advice.

By working with Steve I have been able to gain clarity and focus. It is easy to get overwhelmed at times, however by working with Steve I have been able to put things in to perspective and come up with a plan of attack for those challenges that seemed insurmountable. I would highly recommend Steve to any who is looking to gain some guidance and direction in a business world where it is often hard to know where you are going next.

Before taking his class, I had very little knowledge of the Medical Device industry. After the 1st week of his course, I discovered so much more knowledge, than I previously had. What little I knew! WOW! What a difference he made. Again, if you are looking to enter the Medical device field, you cannot afford NOT to take Steve’s course! Thanks a million, Steve!

“Steve is an authentic leader and great communicator. Having worked in many sales and leadership roles in the medical device industry for a couple of decades prior to starting his coaching business, he brings the experience and knowledge needed to help coach sales reps and sales managers on how to plan, prepare and execute. I would recommend Steve for any sales rep and/or sales manager who is looking to take their business to the next level.”

Steve has an uncanny ability to help me work through things or offer perspective and insight to get me back on track. At first he and I talked a lot about work and my specific work related challenges. No matter how hard or bad things were, he was able to help me find the positive and focus on that rather than beating myself up over the negative or the things I could not change.

Simply stated, Steve is a uniquely qualified sales coach and a person of outstanding integrity. I would highly recommend him to any business needing sales process improvement, sales coaching, or marketing/sales motivation. His intelligence, insight, knowledge base and passion about helping businesses grow are all remarkable. He helps you define and plan the best path to achieve your goals while remaining ever positive and encouraging. He always keeps you accountable, even for the tough stuff, in a most constructive and positive manner. He is a joy to work with and learn from.

Steve Porcaro is a dedicated expert in sales and personal productivity. He strikes a unique balance between compassion and professionalism, and that’s what makes him an exceptional coach – which is his genuine calling. He lives his life and conducts his business with a passion and enthusiasm that is truly contagious. He has shared his insight with numerous coaching clients, and now he has the chance to expand his audience as the host our show, “Passion Quest.” Inspiring others to live with purpose and passion is Steve’s purpose and passion, and his clients are the ones who benefit the most.

When I contacted Steve the first time my business had no cyber presence. I had only one marketing idea and I was rather timid about approaching people. Since working with Steve I have developed much more confidence and I am able to talk to strangers and tell them the advantages of my product. I am learning ways to communicate with manufacturers and other professional people. Steve helped me come up with forms for my testers to fill out giving me a wealth of information to use with my brochures and website. My business is now on Facebook, LinkedIn, and I have a web page. Read full testimonial…

Many pretend to listen. Few do. Many pretend to put the client first. Few do. Steve has demonstrated to me that he is a listener who looks for his client’s true needs and addresses those needs without regard for what’s in it for him. He’s an excellent public speaker and communicator. And, in this internet world we all meet in but don’t always get to know each other, Steve is a person you can trust.

Steve has worked with my company as a business coach and has been one of the most effective coaches I have worked with. His enthusiasm and persistent emphasis on quality and his ability to motivate leaders is what differentiates him from other business consultants. Steve is especially strong on the sales and marketing side and has helped our company develop a solid sales force. I highly recommend him to any business looking to improve sales and to help motivate employees.

Like so many, I’m in the process of making a career change. I spent more than 12 years in the Pharmaceutical Sales & Training industry and am now trying to breakthrough into Medical Device Sales. I assumed based on my experience, that it would be a seamless transition into this industry. I realize now, it won’t be. Impressed with Steve’s experience & knowledge of the industry, coupled with his esteemed reputation, I asked him via e-Mail, if he would be willing to spend a few minutes with me over the phone, to help me gain a basic understanding of how pharmaceutical sales differs from that of medical device sales. Read full testimonial…

When you’re successful, you’re most vulnerable. That’s when you really need a sounding board. SalesPlus stood out because Steve’s experience is so industry-specific. He really knows how to support distributors to function at their best.

Steve is the most inspiring individual I have met in years. He has an uncanny intuitive sense of the people with whom he comes into contact and a spirit of helpfulness, not only the area of coaching and motivation, but also with the knottiest of business problems. His savvy business sense is finely honed to pick up opportunities and present them to the people in his ever-widening network. As a business leader, he is that rare individual who not only sees the big picture, but creates it, by bringing together teams ideally suited for the roles they play and the work they do.

I have worked with Steve intermittently since 2011. His own experience in medical device sales, combined with his thorough understanding of what it takes to build and run a business, make him a fantastic coach for anyone along the continuum from direct sales rep to business owner/entrepreneur. Steve is a high integrity professional, and his warmth and personality make him a pleasure to work with on any topic or challenge. Excellent at supporting the client’s process, self-awareness, and growth. Steve is great at what he does and I highly recommend him.

Steve is amazing and gives the best coaching that I have ever had so far. He has ideas that make you think twice about what you have always done to get results. I would hire him to coach at my company anytime!
Steve has provided me with a great framework to make a career change into medical device field. His insight and personality made him very effective in providing direction. While I have not found the right position, Steve helped me streamline my job search to make this a successful transition.

I have worked with Steve for a few months now and I can say that he has been instrumental in the success of my new business. He provides clear, calm, supportive guidance coupled with definitive action plans to propel you forward. He helps me narrow in on the things that I really need to do and let go of anything else. He has also been available during unscheduled sessions to answer questions I have about important business decisions. I highly recommend that any new or existing business owner, or anyone who is not completely satisfied with their current job, contact Steve. Read full testimonial…

Steve’s experience in the world of Medical Sales became evident when I started working with him. He helped me develop a plan on managing the expansive territory I cover along with creating a system of following up with my existing customers by territory. I felt stronger and more motivated with each coaching session and was able to apply immediately what I learned. I highly encourage hiring Steve as a Sales Coach!

Steve is a great coach, very supportive and caring. Steve makes me feel so comfortable and successful while preparing for the interview.  He helps me build on my strengths and conceptualized in my mind how to fit in medical device industry and be marketable.  Steve has a warm personality, and I always happy work with him. I would recommend Steve as a business coach/trainer to get a great result

Steve has a unique and non-threatening way of understanding the issues one needs to realize the goals they aspire to achieve. His unique coaching style has been shaped and sharpened by both his extensive business experience and true interest in helping people. Steve offers the intellectual wisdom of a tenured professor with the reassurance of a community pastor. Steve has helped me like no other.

When I first reached out to Steve I was in a “Sales Slump”. I am a hard worker and had all the tools I needed to succeed but I needed some help to regain momentum. Steve helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to move forward and regain confidence. Through our work together I was able to realign my personal and professional goals to identify a more focused approach to my career in medical device sales. Furthermore, I started a new job with a company that better fits my goals and I’m much more excited and driven because I made the move! Steve is a great mentor and really treats you as friend and business ally. I would recommend him to anyone looking to gain that extra edge and focus in their professional and personal growth. 

If your sales career is stagnant and you need someone to empower you in taking your game to the next level, hire Steve. Steve not only helped me identify my ideal job, but he also prepared me for my next position. He prepares you for future success.

Your coaching has enabled me to gain clarity in my business planning that is already translating into massive progress. Anyone serious about success, whatever your definition, needs a coach. Anyone serious about coaching needs a good one.

Steve is a dynamic and engaging speaker who will deliver an inspirational and energy packed presentation for professionals and executives from manager level to C Level in all fields looking to take charge of their work and life for success and fulfillment.

Whether speaking to salespeople, Small Business owners, or parents, he understands the real-life challenges of today’s workplace and shares innovative and practical solutions. All this is great, but his Charisma carries the room.

“I was in the process of changing careers and was at a loss to how to do this successfully. I started to do some research and Steve Porcaro, YouTube,”Breaking into Medical Device Sales” appeared. I listened to that two times and knew I had to get in contact with Steve. I started and ended my search on LinkedIn; Steve is also a member. I cannot even think of the words that would be best to describe Steve’s coaching, presentations, knowledge, and his passion to help. I just completed the 5-week workshop,”Breaking into Medical Device Sales”, and will start his next 10-week workshop, “Fundamental Sales” in January. I already have gained so much knowledge and information by taking just the first workshop; I plan to take all of his workshops, I believe there are 5-6 total. I highly recommend Steve Porcaro as an Advisor and Sales Coaching; he is invaluable!”

As a business coach, Steve has the uncanny ability to help me focus on and prioritize my goals. I no longer feel as if I’m operating in a vacuum. Steve provides a strong sounding board for business owners like myself. I highly recommend Steve’s services!

I’ve worked with executive coaches before, but Steve is by far the BEST. He’s just an amazing guy. Using his discovery tools helped me close at a 90% rate.

It is always invaluable to have an actively involved professional executive coach with a fresh, non-bias, point of view that is only interested in the betterment of the company he is coaching.  Steve provides a wealth of knowledge and experience that helps management teams see above the weeds and gain a clear and refocused point of view when difficult issues arise.  

Being a part of an active and passionate management team, sometimes opinions can become very strong, which can lead to communication breakdowns and lack of openness, which then can lead to lack of progress.  It is very relieving to have Steve to coach and guide the team on communication, in these moments to make sure that progress is not hindered, and help guide that passion to produce the greatest benefits for the company.

Steve’s patience with a difficult team, along with his insight and intuitiveness to each individual on the team was critical to getting the best out of them. I would absolutely recommend Steve to others.  He is an absolute valuable cornerstone to any great team.

On behalf of the Exchange Club of Glastonbury, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to you.  The group agrees that your presentation was outstanding.  You were well-prepared, punctual, professional and enthusiastic.  You left an excellent impression on us.  We believe that you have assisted our club in developing a greater understanding of our goals and how to achieve them.  Your positive and well thought out approach will definitely help our club make a difference in the community.

Steve’s innovation and passion for creative situations has enable him to excel and enable other to excel. I have worked along side Steve, but more rewardingly, I have grown along side Steve for over 26 years and have been inspired and motivated by his insight. His candor and direct feedback was a great influence in my reaching for a new challenge professionally. I highly recommend his services.

Steve spoke at the South Windsor Chamber of Commerce Booming Business Expo.  Steve was terrific.  He was informational, entertaining and fun.  It was just what we had hoped for.  He highlighted the need for us to be a community and act in community so that we could all gain.  It was a great message, especially in these hard times.  What I liked most about Steve’s presentation was that he connected with the audience and wasn’t just another talking head.   He engaged us in answering questions and participating in little experiments.  I would recommend Steve for your next meeting without hesitation.