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During this complimentary call, we’ll review your current situation, goals, roadblocks and give you focused, strategic advice.

We promise two things will happen during our time together:

  1. You’ll meet with a professional who knows your situation.
  2. You’ll walk away with at least one significant idea you can use today.

This no obligation call is an opportunity for you to experience the SalesPlus process, for us to learn more about you and your goals, and for you to explore whether working with us is the right choice for you. If we don’t have what you want and need, we’ll point you in the direction of someone who does.


“I was in the process of changing careers and was at a loss to how to do this successfully. I started to do some research and Steve Porcaro, YouTube,”Breaking into Medical Device Sales” appeared. I listened to that two times and knew I had to get in contact with Steve. I started and ended my search on LinkedIn; Steve is also a member. I cannot even think of the words that would be best to describe Steve’s coaching, presentations, knowledge, and his passion to help. I just completed the 5-week workshop,”Breaking into Medical Device Sales”, and will start his next 10-week workshop, “Fundamental Sales” in January. I already have gained so much knowledge and information by taking just the first workshop; I plan to take all of his workshops, I believe there are 5-6 total. I highly recommend Steve Porcaro as an Advisor and Sales Coaching; he is invaluable!”