Coaching Services


 Real World Experience + Results = Success

Our focused one-to-one coaching, advisory groups, and ongoing educational events provide decision makers with real-world advice and solutions to more effectively run their business and maximize profitability.

  • Business Owners who want real-world advice and solutions to grow their business
  • High-performing leaders who want continued success but better work/life balance
  • Experienced decision makers who want better feedback to more effectively manage their business

In our 25 years working with small business owners and sales professionals, we have learned that we each have a unique vision, purpose and passion to share in the world.  Together, we’ll develop strategies, skills and tools to help you turn your dreams into reality. People work with us when they want to make a profound and long-lasting change.  They may be looking to achieve a goal, create a vision, or become more effective and  satisfied at work. They may need us to assist with business or because they desire a better quality of life. If you’ve tried shifting direction on your own and it hasn’t worked, we can help.

Benefits of Working With Us

Our clients benefit from a proven approach that includes:

  • A trusted colleague who’s committed to your professional success and personal fulfillment
  • Support and leading edge tools that boost your sales efforts and grow your business
  • Focused efforts on your most pressing challenges and compelling opportunities
  • A partner to help you take your business where you want it to go, while improving the quality of your life


Our Coaching Services………



This is the ultimate  resource designed to take your business to the next level. Includes significant one-on-one time with Steve with special focus on marketing, strategic planning and time management to quickly impact the bottom line. We’ll develop your unique business processes for attracting and closing more business, in-depth planning, focus, organization and business development.  

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You’ll discover more effective ways to maximize your team’s results and manage operations more efficiently. You’ll learn to match your leadership style to the needs of your team, so you can bring out the best from each member. We will help you and your team close more sales, increase business, and create the life and business you deserve.

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I created this Sales Coaching Program to work with successful sales professionals and teams. This program offers focused, confidential and experienced support that helps Sales Professionals achieve the highest levels of success while also achieving work/life balance. You’ll find the skills and support you need to keep your enthusiasm while performing at your best.

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divider2-50Job Search

thumbs upCreate your transition plan in weeks and use it to jump-start the hiring process. This program is designed for successful professionals who are transitioning.  This program will show you how to effectively market yourself using the latest social media strategies, resume tips and interview preparation techniques, to get hired quickly.

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When I first reached out to Steve I was in a “Sales Slump”. I am a hard worker and had all the tools I needed to succeed but I needed some help to regain momentum. Steve helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to move forward and regain confidence. Through our work together I was able to realign my personal and professional goals to identify a more focused approach to my career in medical device sales. Furthermore, I started a new job with a company that better fits my goals and I’m much more excited and driven because I made the move! Steve is a great mentor and really treats you as friend and business ally. I would recommend him to anyone looking to gain that extra edge and focus in their professional and personal growth.