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Top 10 Sales Secrets – #3: Know Your Products


Top 10 Sales Secrets – #3: Know Your Products 

Now that you have all the desired qualities in a sales person, and you have identified your customer’s values and needs, all you need is a product or service to sell them. What is your product? Do you know everything there is to know about the product? How can this information be beneficial to the customer?

Steve Porcaro will discuss key goal setting strategies and tips, share some success stories and take your questions.

When: Tuesday, March 28, 2018, 1 PM (EDT)

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Top 10 Sales Secrets – #2: Know Clients

Top 10 Sales Secrets – #2: Know Your Clients  Customers expect you to be knowledgeable in several areas. They expect you to know your own product and your company. They also expect you to know something about them and their company. It is also helpful to know about your competition. By doing some simple research […]

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Leveraging Teamwork – Webinar Recording

  Leveraging Teamwork Even if you work fairly independently most of the time, inevitably you must also work with others. Finding ways to build teams that accomplish what needs to be done in the most efficient and accurate manner is often challenging, especially when bringing together team members with diverse sets of hard and soft […]

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Tackling Procrastination – Webinar Recording

Tackling Procrastination Do you have trouble getting started or finishing projects, tasks and assignments? Procrastination can be an ongoing challenge to many successful business owners and sales professionals. It can undermine your productivity and confidence.  Even people with good time management skills can struggle to stay focused and on track. This webinar will help you […]

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